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The hosting packages that we have set up are packed with some great features. All of these can be configured through our online, user friendly, control panel. This is the hub of all the web hosting packages; all adjustments, configurations, and support are accessible through it.

We use the powerful, industry standard, Cpanel for our control panel.

Want to give our control panel a test run? Simply click the demo button below.
Note: some features have been disabled to protect the security of the account.

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The three packages that we have setup come packed with some great features, some of which can be seen opposite. If you require a bespoke hosting package, then let us know and we will be happy to assist.

Note that not all the listed features are available on every web hosting package. Please see the individual hosting packages to see exactly whats included.
Check the comparison page to get a side by side indication.

Bandwidth Pricing

Take a look at some of the features that are available on our web hosting packages

30 day money back guaranteeNot happy with the service? Can't get going with our product? Iif you are unhappy then we offer a no-fuss 30 day money-back guarantee. Please note that this excludes the cost of any domain names you have purchased, which you will still own.